Saturday, October 4, 2008

What are the Middle Fork Giants?

This blog is dedicated to locating large, old-growth trees in the Middle Fork Valley of the Snoqualmie River. My name is Brad Allen and I am a local hiker, climber, and lover of the outdoors located in Redmond, Washington. In 2005, while on a hike in the North Cascades, I came across a beautiful valley of old-growth trees. Somehow this set a spark that, combined with a trip to the Redwoods and reading Wild Trees by Richard Preston got me thinking about old growth giants.

As much as I would like to poke around in the Redwoods, Vancouver Island, or the Olympic National Forest, I have a job, a house, and commitments here. While looking at maps of the area, I happened on the Middle Fork Valley which seemed to fit all of the criteria for big trees.

I was already familiar with this valley having spent several outings attempting to climb various peaks in it and taking out of town guests there when everything else was full of snow.

My daughter Ellie and I made a winter trip in early 2008 on the CCC trail and located my first MF Giant, a lone cedar somehow missed by massive clearcuts on both sides. It fit the pattern, down in a ravine with protection from the wind.

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