Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Road may open on November 30th

I was up by the gate on Wednesday, Nov 25th and spoke with the guy guarding the gate and later a representative of the Forest Service. They said the work on the bridge is done and they were grading the road. Said the gate would probably be opened on Monday the 30th.

I went up the CCC road and spent the day poking around, could hear equipment grading the road all morning. Maybe we'll be able to finally get in to the Taylor area next week!

A New Resource on the Web Site

I have added a new resource on . It is a set of downloadable photos that I specifically give permission to use in almost any public or private media use. You can find them here:

I find that all too many news articles have photos from the Middle Fork that just don't capture the essence of the area. They are usually not taken deep within the main valley. With emphasis coming due to the road opening and perhaps even the Pratt Valley trail being put in next year, I hope these can be used for articles, papers, and reports on the Middle Fork Valley.