Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Road may open on November 30th

I was up by the gate on Wednesday, Nov 25th and spoke with the guy guarding the gate and later a representative of the Forest Service. They said the work on the bridge is done and they were grading the road. Said the gate would probably be opened on Monday the 30th.

I went up the CCC road and spent the day poking around, could hear equipment grading the road all morning. Maybe we'll be able to finally get in to the Taylor area next week!

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bill said...

Forest Service 'part' is ready to be 'open', but King County Roads is playing, so, it isn't open yet.

Driveable part will be only to 'immediately past repaired bridge'. There is a new gate there. Until next year when road gets worked on 'up to Dingford Creek gate'.