Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loving The Pratt

The Pratt has a strange allure to it that just seems to draw me in. On Sunday we tested Pratt Entry Technique #3, that is launching a canoe and landing at Halfway House site. Ellie and I camped there then went up the Valley on Monday.

The trail is remarkably clear and we made it all the way to the beaver pond (about 6 miles up trail).

The road is drivable to mile 9, we didn't go past there. Muddy, potholes, and you have to drive slow. Not many canoes, though, and a very peaceful couple days in a rustic area.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road Status

I went in last week to about mile 8. It is drivable with snow and lots of potholes.

(hearsay) I have some very reliable information, this week, that work has been done to grade the big washout near the campground. I have also heard that the bridge over the Taylor has some washout damage and an evaluation is being done to see how to make it drivable.

All in all, good news.