Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Easy Giant to Visit

If you would like to visit a Middle Fork Giant without a killer cross-country (ok, you will have to go 100' off the trail), the 9-hour Giant is for you. Note the 'average-sized' trees in the picture on each side.

It is located along the Middle Fork Trail #1003 about 2 miles from the bridge across the river. To get there, hike East on the trail. It is flat, easy and well-maintained. There are two places where the trail makes an 'S' up slope. Past the second one is a long straightish stretch. You will cross a couple of minor streams then cut into a rocky, mossy ravine just before a major crossing (rocks in Summer, a log in winter). This is the creek from 9-Hour lake. You passed the tree.
Go back about 150 yards before the rocky ravine and look North (towards the river). You will see a large Douglas Fir in the woods about 100' from the trail.

I measured it as follows:
Survey measurement (at 200'): 230' tall
Circumferance (measured above the obvious bulge): 29' (or about 9' diameter)

This is not anything special as far as Douglas Firs go but it is the tallest tree I have measured. As you go on to 9-hour creek you will see more old-growth near the creek up and down hill. The Land of Giants is up hill a long, hard way, but that's another story.

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