Saturday, December 4, 2010

Middle Fork Road is Snowy but Open

Went up the Middle Fork road today (Dec 4th). The road is open (it seems to have been plowed to just past the Taylor River bridge). If you get off the plowed portion it is pretty tough (10-14 inches snow over ice). Cars can make it to the just past the Taylor River bridge (the road is still gated where you turn right to go up to Dingford) but there is not much room to park. Several cars parked on the road and hard to get around.

The walking is tough right now in the snow, you punch through, but worth it as always on a sunny day.

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bill said...

Taylor Gate is now open to public, as of Dec 13, 2010. As of Dec 15, it is a snowless drive all the way to Dingford gate, albeit with high clearance vehicles.