Monday, August 24, 2009

Is This The Tallest Tree in the Middle Fork?

That is an interesting question for a couple of reasons.

First, it is the tallest tree I have measured to date at 249'. That is after 3 measurements from three directions and then averaging. It is a leaner and hard to measure. It is about 9' in diameter. Painfully, it is essentially the same height as the big tree in Twin Falls State Park. I really want to find a bigger tree in the Middle Fork (Twin Falls is in the South Fork of the Snoqualmie). It is as large as the Pratt Giant before the top blew off.
Second, is why I am posting this. Some sincere, concerned big tree fans have contacted me worried that I am posting the locations of all of the big trees. I have assured them that I am posting how to get to some to visit but not all of them. One person sug
gested I never publish the "biggest", "tallest", or "most interesting" because people would flock to it and harm it. Reasonable concern.
So, generally, here is my thinking on what to publish:1. I post interesting trees or groves. I try to draw attention to trees that make good visits or to unlikely groves.
2. I do not publish everything, both trees and historical sites.3. I do not publish GPS coordinates, but I have been taking them at key sites and big trees.

So where is this tree? Guess I'll leave that as a mystery for a while. It is in an unlikely site, one I never would have looked in (there are stumps all around). I heard about it third hand and put a
 couple of pieces of information together to find it.

I hope it's not the tallest tree in the Middle Fork!

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