Sunday, December 7, 2008

Changing role of the Blog

I am definitely changing the role of the blog. It started as the main content, but that is now on I think I will use this more to just pass out thoughts.

Ever considered where all the wood from the old growth we logged went? Most was used for buildings and structures which have since been torn down or destroyed. Sure, some are in nice studs in old house but the vast majority were in mills, factories, bridges, and trestles which are now made of concrete or steel. We mowed them down in order to have cheap wood. What did it gain us?

Maybe we should consider this as we discuss mountain-removal mining and other permanent scare type impacts. Is it worth destroying a mountain range in order to have cheap coal and a few jobs?

I had committed to keep middleforkgiants as a fairly factual endeavor but can't seem to control myself this evening. I guess that's the advantage of a blog.

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